• FiRESiGN - 01 Deranged Serenity

Deranged Serenity

Deranged Serenity is the first single to be released from FiRESiGN’s recent EP, CHAiN REACTiON. Its ominous instrumental imagery creates an atmosphere of angst, overshadowed with darkening clouds of contention brought on by the bass and underscored by a thunderous tempo of drums that warns of a coming storm. Intermittently illuminated by lightening-like licks of the guitar, the haunting vocals follow your footsteps like phantoms on the periphery of your senses and as you face the end a strange and unusual peace overtakes you. “Now you are haunted.”

Bass, Background vocals, additional Guitar: Masaki
Background Vocals, Guitar, Guitar Solo: Jeet
Vocals: Aya

Producing, Engineering, and Mixing: Jeet Suresh Paul (of Meaxic)
Mastering: Yongjin Hwang, Flux Studios
Written by Masaki and Aya